Xela - Lago Atitlán (3 Days)

  • Duration: 3 Days
  • Location: Xela

Join us on this incredible three day trek from Xela to Lake Atitlán! Experience the best of the volcanic highlands along this unique natural and cultural adventure, ending with a stunning sunrise over the lake.

Skip the cramped tourist shuttle: trek through cloud forests, coffee groves, and rural villages; marvel at corn fields growing on steep hillsides; cross rivers and relax by a wood fire; and enjoy views of the surrounding countryside and mountains.

We spend our evenings in local Mayan communities where you can use a temescal (traditional Mayan sauna) on the first night and enjoy a home cooked meal with a homestay on the second. At pre-dawn on Day 3, we will awake to watch the sunrise over the beautiful Lake Atitlan while enjoying breakfast at the mirador. From there, we will descend into San Juan La Laguna where you may enjoy a local coffee or other snack before we transit to nearby San Pedro La Laguna.

After enjoying lunch and swimming at a waterside restaurant, you will receive your additional luggage and be welcome to continue on to the rest of your travels. We cannot imagine a better nor more rewarding way to arrive at such an iconic Guatemalan location!

**There is a mandatory pre-trip meeting at 6:00pm the evening prior to the trek’s departure. Here, you will meet your guides and fellow trekkers, borrow any gear you may need, receive communal gear, finalize payment, and more.**