Adventure Trek Chicabal

GTQ GTQ600.00
  • Duration: 2 Days (approx.)
  • Location: Xela

Quick facts

Difficulty: 10/10
Average backpack weight: 10 kg
Maximum elevation: 3350m
Total trek distance 20 km


Up for a challenge? You thought Acatenango and Tajumulco were "nice", but not really pushing you to the limit? Then join us on our most adventurous 2-day trek to Lago Chicabal, a sacred lake in the mountains! This is a tough hike for persons with a good condition, but well worth the reward of zip-lining through a dense jungle and catching views of the beautiful Santa Maria volcano! After breakfast at our office we'll head to our starting point, then climb up for 2-3 hours to the zip-line which is at 3370m altitude. We’ll slide down using 2 zip-lines and enjoy the view of the Siete Orejas valley and volcano Santa-Maria on our way. After that we will go through the jungle where we might need to cut our way through using a machete! Finally, we’ll arrive at Laguna Seca next to Lago Chicabal and drop our stuff at the bungalows where we will sleep and have dinner.

On Day 2, we’ll wake up early to watch the sun rise over Lago Chicabal. With the sun above the horizon, and your cameras full of great pictures, we’ll return to the bungalows to pack up and go to San Martin in order to take our transport back to Xela. Groups usually return to Xela by 11 a.m.

Please note that all treks must be booked by 11 a.m. the day prior to the departure to avoid a 50Q late fee.

**There is a mandatory pre-trip meeting at 5:00pm the evening prior to the trek leaving where you will meet your guides and fellow trekkers, borrow any gear you may need to borrow, receive communal gear, etc.**


Xela (Casa Argentina hostel)



Hiking shoes, hiking clothes, a warm change of clothes, jacket, long pants is highly recommend and take shorts as well, rain gear, sun gear, backpack (recommended: 40L, 60L is possible)

 * If you need to borrow any of these items, we have them here for you included in the price



2 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 1 dinner, snacks, transport, gear for you to borrow, canopy zip-line, entrance to Lago Chicabal


Sunscreen and beverages like alcohol and sodas. 



Day 1:

6:00am —meet in QT office for breakfast

*NOTE: You will receive the exact time at the mandatory pre-trip meeting

6:45/7.15am—transport to the base of the canopy hill in Concepcion

7.15 am — start hiking, climbing up canopy hill

10.15am — arrive at the canopy, and do a 600m and 250m long zipline.

12:15am — lunch at Mirador 2 (with a view of the Valley of Siete Orejas and Santiagito alongside Vulcan Santa Maria)

5:00pm — arrive at Laguna Seca and relax after the walk

6:30pm — dinner and hot drinks, then bed


Day 2:

4:00am — Wake up

4:30am — Walking up to Lago Chicabal

5:30am — arrive at mirador, eat breakfast, watch the sunrise and see the lake

8:00am — Return to Laguna Seca

9:15am — Walk to San Martin for transport to Xela

11:00am — arrive in Xela, return gear, goodbyes are said